Kain and the Soul Reaver (The Dark Prophecy) by Prohibe

m Drow Elf Fighter Sword Plate Kain and the Soul Reaver (The Dark Prophecy) by Prohibe

Legacy of Kain

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Soul Reaver  raziel as a vampire | saludos a todos

Soul Reaver raziel as a vampire

kain soul reaver

Reworked again from almost scratch Kain, now that I've finally got a method to extract the model and to paint on them in real time, using Coat and Ph. New Kain and Reaver Skin for LoK: Defiance Model

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Soul reaver Raziel 108 Defiance by Knockwurst.deviantart.com

Raziel 108 Defiance by Knockwurst

Kain Final Render by TheHylden #LegacyOfKain

Legacy of kain soul reaver 2 iso eng oldiesgamez

"Kain" the arrogant Vampire and spiritually corrupted "Guardian Of Balance", from the "Legacy of Kain" series, published by Eidos Interactive. "You dare speak to me of conscience? Only when you have felt the full gravity of choice should you dare to question my judgment!"

Kain - a noble turned into a vampire which leads to becoming ruler of Nosgoth with his crusades and vampire forces in the Legacy of Kain video game series.

Legacy of Kain. Concept Art.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is a third-person action-adventure video game, developed by Crystal.