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Créditos a su autor Heiwajima_Shizou ❤ Traducción: Dnya

Créditos a su autor Heiwajima_Shizou ❤ Traducción: Dnya

I love how Daves loking at Jade as she struggles to reach her toes like  Dave: come on harley you've only got like a fucking inch to go Jade: Shut up Dave I'm trying

This is funny even if I'm not in this fandom yet<<THOSE FRIGGIN SHORTS (homestuck is awesome you need to be in this fandom

Homestuck Dirk/Jake comic by ikimaru >> Jake you can’t just exploit your bf’s weaknesses, that’s cheating<<< GT: No its called winning!

Ok then..

dave and john as parents. I AM DYING! (I don't think I ship this but I might idk wat.) BUT I AM DYINGGGGGGG (davejohn) // serously, Dave as a dad is just the most awesome thing ever

Even grub Karkat is an asshole.>>>are you referring to this comic? Cause that's Sollux and Mituna

homestuck, johndave, dirkjake, rosemary, tumblr

This may have been one of those posts I saw before reading homestuck then realised after I started reading it, that I already fell in love with it.