Oh hey, I'm Kaiko (Kukiko) Hata. I'm an ice maige. I'm a second year here. I like wrighting stories and playing music. I'm kinda shy but really calm. One of my best friends is Hitomi

KAITO from Project DIVA Guilty simple outfit~ blue rose self-made, may alter with some other accessories

Hatsune Miku / streaming heart

hatsune miku vocaloid gif yandere-pyttung this in the "other animes" folder bc It's in manga style

fofo *-*

England & Seychelles Don't know the anime, but I thought this was very pretty. Is it Hetalia?<---- how would you know this was England and Seychelles if you didn't know Hetalia?

Wolf Girl and Black Prince. Such a cute anime! And appropriate, please check it out!

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji Wolf Girl and Black Price