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That's ok just letting go of all my tears

That's ok just letting go of all my tears

Harry Potter

HP Fact with Promos: - "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." -Gred and Forge - "You're a wizard Harry" - Rubeus Hagrid - Don’t let it worry.


I can see this happening :D except there's one mistake. On Potterwatch, Lee doesn't go by his real name. He goes by River.

I think that what Harry Potter really needed was Sherlock Holmes. Because he totally could have seen through that ruse in 5 seconds.

Sometimes it pays to know a bit about how Muggles handle things.

He would do that

Fred Weasley as a Hogwarts ghost!

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I'd like to think that that's why the Dursleys were so mean. Dursley was already mean to Lily, before Harry lived with them.


I was so mad at Dumbledore all the time. I truly hated him. He favoured only the Golden Trio or Gryffindor and then let the rest of the school and teachers to cope with their own problems.-->> Infinity points to Gryffindor for breathing.

I totally accept this. I mean, it became the place where the DA trained, and later it became a place to house students when it wasn't safe to be in their dormitories anymore. It wasn't discriminatory, a place that Helga Hufflepuff most likely created.

Helga Hufflepuff created the room of requirement! this is so canon


I will attend this school and I will stay at this school until I am on my death bed. Even then I will stay at this school. So thank you to the person that also wants a Hogwarts!

Sounds a bit English for Scottish McGonagall to say, but a good headcanon!

Sounds a bit English for Scottish McGonagall to say, but a good headcanon! I like it a lot!

That explains a lot

Taught by Harry Potter, the books also taught that hate and bigotry isn't always felt by the villains, the good guys can also be guilty of intolerance.

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I ship it so hard


haha this person is geniuss

Harry Potter

Hermione and Sirius

Harry Potter

“James and Sirius would be those dudes that professors would always call on because they’d think they weren't paying attention but they’d always know the answer.” “And only 40% of the time that would be because Remus whispered it to them from the desk behind.”

James and Sirius everybody. The two guys thay dont take anything seriously.until the same boy, Harry's, life depends on it.<<<They take Sirius siriusly