** Three of a kind

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it.” ♥ Alice Walker, "The Color Purple"

This goose looks like she's wearing a fancy dress and heading to a ball!

Canada Goose Photo by Chuck Szmurlo Barnacle goose duke When lived in the field, I had geese, they ar.

Il colore e' poesia dell'anima

Rows of Color by Aj Brustein This was taken at Kano Farm near Biei Hokkaido, a random farm on the street with some beautiful colors and cows too I think.

just ducky

e have a large duck pond behind our house with Aylesbury Ducks.we hear the quack quack quack nice and early in the morning!

Lovely lavender

it doesn't get much more French than lavender fields; lavender filled sachets and their tranquil and soothing scent sachets av.

Rooster on a fence post - Early morning on the farm.good morning wake up call!

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* * DUCKLING: " Me wantz to goes swimmin'." [MOM: "Az a duck, yer gonna be in de water every day. We kin goes, rightz after me takes beak count.

Photographer Allison Trentelman shares her images of Birds in Winter.

Allison Trentelman's Birds in Winter

Fine art bird photography print of a chickadee flying in the snow by Allison Trentelman. As seen in Yankee Magazine, Jan/Feb 2013 issue.

Perfect for outside. Few coats of your favorite paint, and perfection.

Lavender heaven at the Purple Haze Lavender Farm in Sequim Washington photo: Marjorie Wallace on RedBubble

Sunset over lavender fields, Valensole, Provence, France

Sunset over lavender fields, Valensole, Provence, France by Jarrod Castaing Fine Art Photography. Beautiful fields of lavender, to visit in June when the lavender was at its best.