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Finwe and Elwe (Thingol). Finwe  was the first High King of the Elven Noldor to lead his people on the journey from Middle-earth to Valinor in the blessed realm of Aman. He was a great friend of Elu Thingol, the King of Doriath.

Finwe and Elwe from The Silmarillion, art by Kazuki-MENDOU on deviantART. Please check out her gallery, she draws some beautiful stuff!

Melian and Thingol

Thingol, Melian <<< I'm imagining Elu with more silver hair but it's beautiful anyway

Lúthien (em-niwa)

Lúthien (em-niwa)

Manwe and Varda

De Silmarillion Because of Valentines Day here are Varda and Manwe

LOTR : Luthien by AlaisL on DeviantArt

Something i spent time with whenever i got tired of doing some XD I've been reading Silmarillion (again) while working so I thought of doing Luthien .


Thranduil, post of blood and fire Sources: (x)(x)(x)(x)