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Prussia. (Translation: I'm so cool.) NO PRUSSIA!!! YOU'RE FANTASTISCH!! (German word for awesome) -Nora

(Translation: I'm so cool.) NO PRUSSIA! (German word for awesome) -Nora<<< not to be rude but the word you used means cool as in temperature. In the context your looking for the word in German would be "toll".

Thank you Prussia, you made me smile today :")

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Prussia, making girls feel better about themselves. I love you Prussia

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ADORABLE where it shouldn't be...and the lake agrees because it sucked up the parade in cold cold water owo

and the lake agrees because it sucked up the parade in cold cold water owo<<< well I think Prussia is so adorable! Especially in chibi form!

Honorable mentions: Prussia

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Prussia: *looks at pic* Hmm… mayyybe… *said "innocently"* Me: That tells me you did Prussia: *reaches for phone but gets kicked in stomach* Me: *laughs while Prussia is rolling in pain on floor*

Prussia and Hungary: Always together

Prussia and Hungary: Always together<<<< I love platonic Hungary and Prussia but then romantic Hungary and Austria

Chibi Prussia Diaries -015- by Arkham-Insanity on deviantART

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