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I will revise these designs soon. I still didn’t get over these feanorians and their weapons.

Feanor babysits by on @DeviantArt #feanor #fingolfin…

Feanor babysits by on @DeviantArt #feanor #fingolfin…

Феаноринги, юные и счастливые by acommonanomaly

acommonanomaly: “Fëanorians, young and happy.

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Fingon, Maglor, Caranthir and Maedhros

Pick it up, Maitimo_colour by Kasiopea Art///is this when he learns to fight with his left hand?

Феанор и Финголфин  Fëanor and  Fingolfin

Glittering Gimli- scorpionhoney: Fëanor and His Half Brother.

Rash decisions result in amusing anecdotes — inkstranger: woodlandcrowns replied to your...

We are Fire against the Darkness - Sons of Fëanor