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*GIF* MAGICAL!!!! >>> I don't know what that noise was I just made but it scared my cat.

Thor the Dark World Loki making illusions

Huh, so this is what it really looks like when they're filming... Never underestimate the power of a green screen!

tom running in the loki costume. His hair tho

Am I dead yet? (GIF)

"Apparently there will be a line" Personal favorite Loki line right there.

Nugget man is here! Loki strut...You SEXY LOKI MAN!

(gif set) mmmm strut into my bedroom sweet thing

Because there's no better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to sw… #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

Thor :"Loki, who are you looking at?" Loki: "Her.

Thor and Loki. Just.......I imagine THOR looking at me going "I think that girl is fitting for you" and LOKI is like "Thor please.." *turns around* O___O "ODIN SHES GORGEOUS" haha

Thor and Loki.I imagine THOR looking at loki going "I think that girl is fitting for you" and LOKI is like "Thor please." *turns around* O___O "well.

GIF that's SO worth the dorky first image. Great payoff fangirls! I remember when I saw this in the trailer for the first time.... There was much squeeing !

GIF that's SO worth the dorky first image. I remember when I saw this in the trailer for the first time.<- there is no dorky first image.Just loki.

it could be nothing but I think Loki looks a little protective over Jane

Loki protects Jane <-- OMG Loki's mom died protecting Jane too

jossisgod: ““Thor The Dark World - Commentary by Tom Hiddleston ” Who can read THAT fast? ”

Thor: The Dark World // Loki [Gif] // I absolutely love this scene!

(gif) Follow the link to one fan's explanation of Loki's haggard appearance and inexplicable near-fall during his first appearance in the Avengers. This broke my heart. My feels are dying. I want to kill Thanos now. After I hug Loki and give him a glass of ice water.

MUST READ. DROWN IN THE FEELS. Loki trips in Avengers click trough for a torture Thanos theory that is so accurate.the feels-- I'm not all for the whole loki was tortured thing but this does seem accurate.

Abandoned and forgotten. Figuratively and literally, buried from consciousness. He might as well be dead. (Hiddleston)<< this part gave me so many feels!

TheRetroInc on Etsy

A fantastic gif of the saddest part of the movie <-- excuse me whilst I go cry in a corner somewhere *sob*

Tom Hiddleston on the set of The Avengers<<<<<now look who's kneeling << But think of it this way.... Was he kneeling to Thanos?

The Avengers // Tom Hiddleston on the set.

This is from the Avengers, and his eyes are bright blue; he is under the control of the Tesseract.

His eyes are deff. Agreeing with the headcannon theory!<---- not a headcannon loki was actually possessed ( i believe by thanos) in the comic

Loki gets surprised and is NOT pleased during Dark World

Loki gets surprised and is NOT impressed.

30 Reasons You’re Loki From “Thor”

Loki Tom Hiddleston