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Loki | Tumblr

Loki | Tumblr

Thor and the avengers texting

The interactions between Thor and the other Avengers. Always puts a smile on my face. The next Avengers movie should definitely have a funny scene with this in it. XD I feel like Thor would call him metal man though.

It's widely believed that Loki hates his brother. All this "no matter how much he said he hates Thor. But the fact . No hate, only love

Cute Avengers as children X3

lil avengers The last line should read: What do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested.

I hope we never hear Loki say that he deserved all the abuse done to him although, he did deserve consequences for murdering folks as anyone would even though he was under Thanos’ influence. Loki does NOT deserve abuse. It would be like an abused woman who gets battered by her abusive husband that confesses, "It's my fault..I MADE him beat me..I deserved it!" It's always the furthest from the truth, but here's the kicker...it comes from a place of trauma and self-hate. Loki’s there.

Loki - God of mischief and fabulous hair<<<<<<and just plain beauty

O man. Yes please. ❤️ And she's even wearing a Marvel shirt. I must meet this girl.

That moment when your dad wraps one of your gifts to look like shovel, but it's actually a picture of Loki, signed by Tom Hiddleston. PS: I really was crying into the floor on that picture.

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Chibi Loki is ALWAYS warranted. You can take over the world whenever you want, my little sociopath. And look at every Avenger in the pictures!

THORKI!!!!!! OMG!!!!!

What the hell just happened? Did that motherf***er touch my Loki? He's dead (I'm a Thorki shipper but.

Ouch right in the feels.....

I think he thinks it's funny how NOT original Volstagg is (and that it's darkly funny that things haven't really changed). Because his reaction to Sif vs Volstagg is actually very different. -- I feel bad for Loki.


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