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I think I do this everyday lol

Pinner said: Funny quotes about cooking I say: the task is turning the tv on to Netflix and find the show I want to watch so that it starts playing by the time I make it back to the living room from the kitchen.

Yup! All the time, it's really funny because when I do it and then I get to the cashiers i forget what I was going to order! Lol

Teenager Post 1 - 100 - Teenagerpost Wiki < then you mess up the order because you over thought it.

Happens to me Alll the time

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Ugh soooo true. My teacher make me do so many essays. One was due today and I finished it around midnight. You know the usual "oh crap it's due tomorrow!" motivation.

My advanced art teacher assigned us to write a paper. A PAPER. And then she says "so what was your motivation?" And in my head I was like umm you told me to write a paper by today?

All day, erryday

Or the cupboard or the cabinet or your locker and then it just falls on you the next day.

Or when you're trying to get your mom's attention and end up saying her actual name instead of just mom so that she'll respond lol

(calling my mom) *normal voice* Mom.*really low voice* Mom! <----- so true!

When I was a kid I....

I used to be friends with this weird girl named Isabella. oh wait, i still am. U know i luvu in that friend kinda way. it sounded a lot less awkward in my head.

Teenager posts

So I'm the person who will show people around the school, and I was asked to show this one girl around the school. It was very awkward saying the new person to everybody

Lol I remember this

Yes hahaha i remember it was always vet, teacher, police officer, firefighter, and doctor

I'm like "I'm having a good hair day. I'll snap a pic" "oh my word, do I always look like a demented monster?"

feels cute, takes selfie, never mind . teenager posts ♡ hahaha so true