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TEACHER & CAREGIVER SENSORY CHEAT SHEET Would a simple cheat sheet help your child’s teachers and caregivers provide a more enjoyable and productive day? Join our weekly newsletter for more Special...

Miss Allison's Class: Sensory Supports for the Classroom FREEBIE. I would use these in the classroom in order to manage behavior issues and sensory needs of my students.

SENSORY PROCESSING Tactile Input:  "I had no idea that our ability to process tactile input was directly related to our ability to visually discriminate, motor plan, and have appropriate body awareness.  More importantly, I did not know the tactile system was invaluable in developing emotional security, social skills and academic learning."

Tactile Input: Sensory Processing Explained

Accommodations At a glance

Modifications/Accommodations for Exceptional Students Organization Binder :: IEP Accommodations Cheat Sheet Great idea as a quick reference guide for gen ed teachers.

olfactory cheat sheet

Sensory Processing Explained

Olfactory cheat sheet - Smell sensitivity or no sense of smell at all!

Auditory Cheat Sheet

Auditory System Cheat Sheet: the cheat sheet is at the bottom. The articles in this series are a bit long but on point. The cheat sheets are great go to guides!

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Kids with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorders Show Brain Wiring Differences -- UCSF study builds on its groundbreaking research showing children with SPD have measurable brain differences

Sensory processing disorders

Reducing Sensory Behaviors

Disobedience or Disability?-an essay on sensory processing disorder. From The Sensory Spectrum. Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources Childress Childress & Porter Inc.

9 awesome sensory tools to help your fidget kids in the classroom #education:

Awesome Sensory Tools to Help Your Fidgety Kids in the Classroom

9 Awesome sensory tools to help your fidgety kids in the classroom. Tactile sensory input for students. Focus and calm while learning with sensory tools

Sensory Processing Disorder (I can't believe how many of these are Kyle)

Sensory processing disorder can present in many different ways. This is a helpful image to allow students to see how someone might feel with this disorder. Website provides very useful information for those researching this neurological disorder.

100 Sensory Activities for Home and School

100 Sensory Activities for Home and School

If this is your child, you know they're not the same thing. #OT Pinned by StaffRehab www.pinterest.com/staffrehab

The Difference Between Tantrums and Sensory Meltdowns

Knowing the difference between tantrums and sensory meltdown helps you better respond. "To tame tantrums, acknowledge what your child needs without giving in. - To manage a meltdown, help your child find a safe, quiet place to de-escalate.

Everyday Sensory Tools for Everyday Behaviors! - Love this ideas - sensory input.

Everyday Sensory Tools for Everyday Behaviors! I can use this in my classroom by learning the different sensory tools and what behaviors they can help with and then use them to improve the behaviors in my students.