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Man that was jaw dropping that is too deep for PHIL to be saying that

Can you see the scar? No, cause it's on my heart! Phil describing every death of every fictional character we loved.

I could never see Phil's phone in real life I can't Stand the bubbles I would have to go through them or I would through the phone

OMG DAN SAMEEEE Fun Fact about I'll spend however long it takes until all the notification bubbles are gone XD XD what am I doing with my life.

Otp like waaaat

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Come out of that bathroom young lady! With Cry,Ken,pewdiepie and minx :) Drawn by Netty Scribble I actually saw this prop hunt episode, and nearly died laughing.

Dil and Tabitha

Top: Tabitha Casper (aka T-Bag in Dan and Phil language) Middle: Dil Howlter Bottom: Eliza Pancakes (aka Dil's stalker)