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*plays a new Amazingphil video* *opens a Delia Smith cook book*>>*plays Hello Internet*

In mine you can't have your shoulders showing but you can in fact roller skate through the halls public American education at it's best

PHAN IS REAL AND THE GOVERNMENT KNOWS IT<< I mean, Dan said he sucks dick and apparently Phil has (maybe) come on now

aaaaaand this is why context is so important. if i remember correctly (which i might not) this was someone commenting in the chat "marry me phil" or something like that and phil's response was "we will get married in the states that allow it" or something

Keep in mind that he did this poll 3 more times and still got 50% on each

Keep in mind that he did this poll 3 more times and still got on each // not team dan/Phil.

Hehehe<<automatically thought of dan and phil.. idk if thats the ship theyre talking about but eh wee

I automatically thought of Dan and Phil when it said that "cute gay couple. they always get matching haircuts"

He's like a cute little supportive boyfriend who's extremely sweet but he has no idea how to comfort you when you start crying. "I guess I'm just terrible." You cried into your hands, resting your elbows on your knees. "How are you doing are you good good good that you are good?" Dan sat next to you and bobbed back and forth with every "good". He didn't know what to say in the slightest, so all he could do was hold you and hope you succumb to his adorable geekiness and bad comforting skills

This is how I am even when I'm not drinking (even tho I don't drink)

Phan kisses on ferris wheels <3

The fact that I'm an Initate and the kiss takes place on a ferris wheel makes this even more perfect *.

pinning for the first thing. don't know who is dan.))) dan howell aka daniel howell or danisnotonfire is a british youtuber go subscribe to his best fr- fuck it boyfriend amazingphil

2017 social justice dan gives me at least one emotion, maybe more.


I sound more like a dying whale<<girl I sound like a hyperventilating pterodactyl with asthma