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I'd like to see this done at least as a parody lol

This person who wants a darker, grittier Klondike bar commercial. Little girls being creepy :L

Asking Cleverbot how Sherlock survived the fall.

Asking Cleverbot how Sherlock survived the fall. (Uncontrollable laughter -the sound of insanity)

Ha--I so wish I had a twin to pull this off with.

Why do people make up stupid stuff like this

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I want my blood back, blood draw, blood results, phone call, afult responsibilities

#Tumblr #Funny

It's a bit offensive, but it is so funny!



Soooo going to use this ask add in PAYYYY

I see what you did there

Shout "out". That's the punchline

This needs to be implemented in my family.

My family pronounces things horribly wrong on purpose and roasts each orher

You won't be so lucky next time jesus

You won't be so lucky next time jesus

I fell bad laughing at this as a Christian but oh it's so funny

"I don't know, I stop counting after the first..."*counts on fingers*•7..?centuries..? Then I think roughly a century and half later Shakespeare became a thing"*waves hand as dismissing subject*"So have you heard Demi Lovato's new song? Shakespeare would be SHOOK!"

This is almost certainly a Supernatural or Vampire Diaries reference that I'm not getting because I haven't seen them, but it would still be hilarious.<<<<it's not a supernatural one but it might be a vampire diaries one

This was too beautiful not to share

Kat and I on daylight savings time day when we thought we traveled back in time and then we started singing seasons of love and calculating the number of moments in a leap year 😂 that was a weird night


Reminds me of this kid in my class who we called ua, short for Joshua

"I couldn't afford a present this year, so I got you this box."

26 Tumblr Posts You'll Find Funny If You And Your Sister Are Kinda Weird

Ahahahaha this is the definition of an evil sibling

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Me binge watching the Flash

The original answer was probably supposed to be dick lol

Am I a bad person for thinking Dick?