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Mindfully Change Your Painful Memories

Memories can be greatly distorted by strong, painful emotions from a trauma and can create unwholesome, distorted self-judgments.

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Experience the Thrill of Beautiful Words with Beautiful Words - The easiest way to find The most beautiful word recommended!

Ayurveda: What's your Dosha? | OMTimes Magazine  Pitta

Ayurveda is an ancient mind/body healing medicine for promoting health and longevity. According to its teachings our constitution is comprised of 3 doshas.

Heal Yourself, Heal the World | OMTimes Magazine

Consciousness is a powerful creative force that can be used to heal the earth and ourselves. It is all connected. Let’s heal the world one body at a time.

Recovery From Abuse

Hecate’s Guiding Flame: A Mythical Perspective at the Crossroads of Addiction and Recovery by Tricia Durni


4 Opportunities to Heal into Wellness - OMTimes Magazine

15 Herbal Medicine Preventives for Heart Health

15 Herbal Medicine Preventives for Heart Health - OMTimes Magazine

4 pasos para sanar corazon

4 Powerful Steps to Gently Heal Your Heart - OMTimes Magazine

Your Gifts: What Are They and What Do You Do With Them?

HEALTH Innovative new approaches to Healing as well as holistic methods for dealing with health issues and personal growth.

Assess Your Well-being Through Color

Learn how to use the language of color to examine your physical, emotional and mental responses, and assess your mental and emotional health.

Love is EASY When You Use the 3 Easy Love Laws #EasyLove #love

These natural herbs not only enhance libido, but they enhance most aspects of the human sexual response, particularly if they are used in combination.

Sacred Breath & Healing | OMTimes Magazine

Sacred Breath is a process that increases your ability to feel and resolve the effects of your karma and helps ignite one's Kundalini.