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And when we're sitting around looking at all our pretty "toys", we can knit!  So tonight and Sunday, let's do KNITTING and CROCHET.  Let's look for pretty images and not  "how to" knit.

The Best Of DMX [Explicit

Albert Anker  - Schaffhausen

The Narcissistic Continuum: Parentification and Sibling Resentment: The Bologna Soup Story

Albert Samuel Anker ( 1831 – 1910)

Girl Knitting - Albert Samuel Anker I knit socks the same way! :D Only I'm an English knitter whereas she's knitting Continental.

The Crochet Lesson by Edward Thompson Davis by Divonsir Borges

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Albert Samuel Anker (Swiss painter,1831-1910)

Swiss Genre Painter Albert Anker Strickendes Mädchen am Fenster , 1878

"Portrait of a Woman Knitting with a Cat", Juan Cordero (1822-1884), Mexico   /   pa

Portrait of a Woman Knitting with a Cat

Knitting Lesson-Marie (Mizzi) Wunsch (1862 – 1898, German)

Marie (Mizzi) Wunsch (1862 – 1898, German)