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The Inca rope bridge of Qeswachaka, above Apurimac river, Peru

The inca rope bridge of Qeswachaka, above Apurimac river, Peru >>> hell no. I'm trying to contemplate how many xanax I'd need to take to cross something like this. For the ultimate trips & deals to Peru contact travel agent Dana Apple

Extreme Climbing

El Camino del Rey Most+Extreme+Hiking+Trails+from+Around+the+Globe+-+By+goesberlin


((((;゚Д゚))))ガクガクブルブル 高所でお戯れになる人々 31選

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Hua Shan and Huangshan: China’s Mystical Mountain Scenery at its Best

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This is The Scariest Trail in The World , But You Will Never Guess Where It Leads

views Guoliang Tunnel in Taihang mountains (China) Most Dangerous Hiking Trail, Mount Huashan Road of Death, Bolivia Javimoya Pics of Bolivia’s ‘Road of Death’ Guoliang Tunnel in China Trail of Taihang Mountains Mount Huashan Tourist website about Huashan

Я как бы смотрю на тот путь, по которому иду, а не в пропасть, в которую могу свалиться. Если взгляд сосредоточен на пропасти, то возникает давление и страх, и я замираю. Это логично и разумно — останавливаться, когда видишь пропасть, потому что пропасть опасна. И тогда нужно отвернуться от пропасти и посмотреть на тропинку, по которой я иду. Здесь я могу двигаться. Для этого, конечно, нужна определенная способность к самодистанцированию, дистанцированию от себя и своих тревожных чувств.

Climb the Diamond, Longs Peak, Colorado.so many people have been hit by lightening up on this peak. Meeker Peak is right in front of Long& Peak, and both are very popular climbing spots here on the Front Range.

Staircase At Mountain Huangshan In China. Not sure but it looks like the steps just stop?

Huang Shan, China Amazing to think about to build off a cliff to just see how beautiful it looks.

Woman Climbs 70' Wall to Avoid Paying Admission, Nanjing, China via huffingtonpost: 2 others broke their legs and 3 had to be rescued when they attempted to suit. #huffingtonpost >> Pure craziness...

LOOK: Real-Life Spider Woman Climbs 70-Foot Castle Walls

Noooo not a good idea :/ Woman scales a castle wall to avoid paying admission. Times are tough.