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tom baker | Somehow, I made it to round two. Pleased,to meet you nice people. Have ...

49 Years Ago, BBC's Doctor Who Materialized He gave me dreams to keep me going.

Doctor Who

A gallery of Doctor Who fan art; all 11 Doctors, the TARDIS and a few generations of sonic screwdrivers too.

justicepirate:  Tom Baker (4th Doctor) & Louise Jameson (Leela) Then & Now. photos from Louise Jameson’s blog

justicepirate: “ Tom Baker Doctor) & Louise Jameson (Leela) Then & Now. Leela’s one of my favorite companions & Tom Baker is my favorite.

Dr Who - Tom Baker  I fist saw doctor who he was the doctor and to me always will be

Apparently I used to hide behind the sofa when the Daleks appeared on screen.

Tom Baker (4th Doctor) Doctor Who (Late 1970-s)

I grew up watching Tom Baker :) *caldwellart on deviantART

Royal Mail reveals Doctor Who stamps ~Tom Baker travelled in the Tardis for eight years, and is frequently voted the most-popular Doctor  Continue reading the main story

Royal Mail reveals Doctor Who stamps

Tom Baker Evening Post by ~RodReis on deviantART

Don't get confused, it's not a real Saturday Evening Post. RodReis on deviantART depicts the fourth Doctor Who.

Doctor Who - All the Doctors by Kevin Maguire

Oh SHIT. This Doctor Who mashup of all 12 Doctors by Kevin Maguire, done in his JLI cover style.

4th Doctor: Tom Baker

~ Doctor 4 Tom Baker The most beloved of the ''old'' Doctors, the hobbies of his Time Lord included wearing lengthy scarves, handing out ''Jelly baby'' candy, and generally being awesome.