Accurate..........So accurate

Well then.Can i be creative with weapons, too?<---A-Alfred.

#accurate... I am always thinking of the countries, and their personalities. XD<----- me too...

I tried watching Hetalia and I thought it sucked! It was too fast and was just bleh to me! But that's me everyone else loves it!

I don't really ship fruk that much but oh god I love this artist

I don't really ship fruk that much but oh god I love this artist // art by ask-aph-fruk

Yup. I'd say that's pretty accurate xD

mostly i still do a little bit of history book reading as well

Hetalia Romano and Feliciano accurate

Hetalia Romano and Feliciano accurate<--- Oh dios mio XDD Nooooo I can't even look at grocery items the same way anymore

Prussia diary of awesome 4

Prussia diary of awesome 4 (I don't ship it, but this is hilarious.

THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING - though this is hilarious, I still like that the hetalia revolutionary war gave a reasonable side to both America and England. A lot of times in the US you just get this version, which kinda warps your mind. Hetalia honestly gave me a sense of culture and made me think of what it would be like in someone else's shoes. For England, it did probably feel like this place he started and helped and supported was betraying him while America must have felt very left out.

more accurate depiction of the revolutionary war, hetalia style.