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Yes yes yes yes yes. I'd rather have my jumbo thighs and have eyebrows that don't touch than have a thigh gap and a caterpillar growing on my forehead!

To all these little girls from this generation don't worry about having a thigh gap! A thigh gap won't do anything for you!

So accurate it hurts

The FUNNIEST description of a period. Pin it. Read it. Language, but it's still funny.

Fr http://ibeebz.com

And about of the time, the netflix and pizza wins out.I'm still that netflix and pizza girl.

A new meaningful way to eat M’s…  (yes I do this. Except for the sending it back part)

A new meaningful way to eat M&M’s…

If you eat M's you need to read this picture and do what it says. Then one day we will have Super M's in an iron clad candy shell. Read this to understand.


I think we should all volunteer!<<<<<<<<<<<< I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!////// I'd do it for free too. I think the look on his face would be payment enough!

yes YES

On Christmas I gave everyone at school cards with doctor who and Sherlock and supernatural quotes in just to get people to start watching them but I don't want people to start watching them because THEYRE MY TV PROGRAMS!


Funny pictures about Do you even speak cat? Oh, and cool pics about Do you even speak cat? Also, Do you even speak cat?