Santa Has His Bag of gifts and is ready to start Delivering to Boys and Girls. Image size 11" x 15" Open Edition Canvas

Joseph Holodook And I never Get Tired

...making the Christmas cookies...

This fine art paper print depicts Santa baking Christmas cookies in his workshop kitchen. Printed on high quality hand made paper and measures 16 x 20 overall with an image area of

Dealing with Bipolar at the Holidays – Expectations. Holidays are seriously stressful, but we bring on much of this stress. We are stressed by the concept that we all must be Martha Stewart in order to have the “proper” holiday experience. Read more:

Dealing with Bipolar at the Holidays – Expectations

In famed Chicago commercial illustrator Haddon Sundblom painted a jolly, red-garbed Santa Claus for the Coca-Cola Company's 1931 advertising campaign. His depictions of the Coca-Cola Santa, formed America's perception of what Santa Claus looks like.