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Counterparts [Diabolik Lovers] - Chapter Two -- Six Is a Party, Twelve's Company


My name is Marah Sutcliff. My younger brother is Grell Sutcliff. I am a Grimm…

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Rebirth In Hunter X Hunter - Chapter 10 (Part II) (Edited)

Owari no seraph genderbend Yuu & Mika - This is so beautiful and cute!< *^* If I had somebody else, I would definitely cosplay it.

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Anime girl with fluorescent green hair and green frog hair pin, in winter outfit sipping cocoa~

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please guys give me a drawing request I'm sooo bored please just Disney Girl characters =) =)

artist: kawacy Description: gorgeous style of anime that's hard to find anywhere else. beautiful colors and forms and lighting.

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Ace and Jester must be adopted separately. Together they are lethal, but alone they’re harmless. Ace is very reserved and is often in his own little world. Jester is more of the leader-type. He’s very sly, and both are secretive.