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Matförvaring - Burkar & Matförvaring - IKEA

Visit us for food storage solutions for your kitchen. We have food boxes and containers to help you preserve your ingredients and save space.

IKEA 365+ Food container IKEA Holds 54 ounces. BPA free.

Visit IKEA online to browse our range of food storage & food storage containers. Find plenty of home furnishing ideas and inspiration at IKEA today.

deska do krojenia :: knives.pl - ostra dyskusja

deska do krojenia - strona 6 - Ostra kuchnia - knives.

Food storage & organizing - Food containers & Jars & tins - IKEA

IKEA Food container IKEA Valve in the lid and rounded corners ensure even warming in the microwave.

JÄMKA Food container with lid, set of 4, transparent white, blue - IKEA


IKEA - JÄMKA, Food container with lid, set of Several food containers can be stacked on top of each other to save space in the fridge and cabinets.

REKO Glass  - IKEA THB 39 for 6 pieces

REKO Glass, clear glass

IKEA REKO Glass Clear glass 17 cl Can be stacked inside one another to save space in your cabinets when not in use.


IKEA IKEA Wok Stainless steel 28 cm Works well on all types of hobs, including induction hob.

LJUST jar with lid, clear, red Diameter: 6 " Height: 6 " Volume: 2 qt Diameter: 14 cm Height: 15 cm Volume: 1.5 l

LJUST jar with lid, clear, red Diameter: 6 " Height: 6 " Volume: 2 qt Diameter: 14 cm Height: 15 cm Volume: l

IKEA 365+ Oven/serving dish with holder IKEA The metal holder can be used separately for serving as well.

IKEA - IKEA Oven/serving dish with holder, The metal holder can be used for serving as well.The cork mat can also be used as a stand for a hot oven dish or pot.

BYGEL, Dish drainer, silver color


BYGEL dish drainer, silver color Length: 12 ¼ " Width: 11 ½ " Height: 4 ¼ " Length: 31 cm Width: 29 cm Height: 11 cm could hang under cabinet

La tapa tiene una abertura con espacio para un batidor, lo que reduce las salpicaduras. El cuenco lleva un anillo de caucho en la base para que se mantenga estable cuando lo utilizas. Como lleva tapa, también puedes usar el cuenco para guardar comida. Gracias al vertedor es fácil extraer el líquido del cuenco.

ALLEHANDA Cuenco con tapa, verde

ALLEHANDA mixing bowl with lid, green Diameter: 9 " Height: 4 ½ " Volume: 2 qt Diameter: 23 cm Height: cm Volume: 2 l

IKEA SOCKERKAKA Baking cup Assorted pink shades The silicone makes the pastry release easily from the moulds.