D espite the frigid temperatures in Norway this time of year, we’d happily risk frostbite for a meal, even a snack, at Maaemo. Currently praised as one of the best restaurants in the world (s

Maaemo, Norway

A dish of quail egg and sheep’s thigh at Maaemo

Chef Martyn Meid - The Dock, London - Asparagus dish

Chef Martyn Meid - The Dock, London - Asparagus dish BIG LOVE to the plating and the primary ingredient.especially in the early spring time here in Ontario. Some of the best grows in Ontario!

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Apple celery and sesame. Dessert by and Shannon Hergatt of Photo by Signe Birck

Bite-sized appetizers in any spoon makes it more fun! ChezValois Molecule-R Aroma. Playing with the smell, and the taste

Aroma R-evolution

Molecular Aroma R-Evolution! Molecule-R's objective is to "democratize the latest cuisine innovations". "Aromafork and Aromaspoon" cutlery products produce an intense and unique tasting experience.

That Kind Of Woman

schiacciata all'uva food styling, food photography Red is the color of Passion Original Fine Art Photograph - Twiggs Photography via Etsy

Románticas Bellezas.

The SPRING FLOWER POT: LAVENDER custard, bee pollen crumble, rhubarb and edible flowers. By Ulterior Epicure we can do this type of thing in little terra cotta pots with fancy tops


unripe grapes, or "ghooreh". very sour, used in Persian recipes like khoreshte bademjoon (eggplant khoresht) غوره