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Pro Life T-shirt. On the Front: Save The Storks  Back: 50 Million Storks Shot Down Since 1973

For a pro-life ministry called "Save the Storks. Save the storks. Save their cargo.

Pro life

"Condoms can break." =/= Right to murder children.

Keep Infants with Down Syndrome

Down's Syndrome shouldn't mean "Death Sentence" for unborn babies! baby / child has been uniquely blessed with a perpetually joyful child.

Killing a person at any age is wrong.

Killing a person at any age is wrong.

100 million babies have been aborted, killed, or abandoned simply because they were girls. In China, India, and other regions, women are pressured and even forced to undergo gender-based abortions because of cultural, economic, and/or political reasons. Some women also suffer forced sterilizations in these regions. The boy-girl ratios in these countries are extremely unbalanced...And those girls who are left are at extreme risk of abduction, abuse, sexual assault/exploitation, and other…

“That one-third of the world’s women are deprived of their right to bear girls is the biggest women’s rights abuse on earth. This is the true War on Women, and it deserves a passionate response.

Imagine a memorial for the casualties of the humanists' war on babies. Note: that wall would need to be 85 miles long. End abortion, #ProLife

If we want change, we must bring change to the forgotten babies. This is sooooo sad! GOD forgive these women. No wonder heaven is infinity---so many lives lost, but so much to gain in the second coming of Christ.

I have this shirt (a design from pro-life activist Bryan Kemper). That's what we need to do: pray.

That is my daughter's picture on that shirt, image is also copyrighted.

G.K. Chesterton on grace

Philippians For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh.

Every Life is Beautiful: Claire Culwell

Meet Claire, a woman who fully understands the gift of life and that truly Every Life Is Beautiful. See October Baby, coming to DVD and Blu-ray September

Told by Planned Parenthood owner "What we do here is end life." A cheap mob hit.    It was a PIN like this, probably, that got me bumped from another group board and hence the birth of Catholic Pinterest board. Here a pin like this should be welcome.

Told by Planned Parenthood owner "What we do here is end life." A cheap mob hit.