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Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone by brenna-ivy

brenna-ivy: “ This is the start of my huge Harry Potter project. For every book, I’m going to draw the most important supporting characters, staying as true to the books’ descriptions as possible.

YES. Hearts of gold, both of them. <3 Love always and forever...

Totally agree with this: Honestly, I hated Snape right up until the Deathly Hallows, but the whole time I was trying to see good in Draco. I was so upset at the end, because there just wasn't enough there for him to act on, and it broke my heart.

Why the fuck does he look like Donald trump in a green bowler hat. Like... That's so rude. Fudge was a much better politician

Finally this book is finished! I had a lot of trouble with getting the Marauders right because I wanted to get my vision as clear as possible. Hopefully the next book won’t take me this long!