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Top 50 water-wise plants Fuchsia Hummingbirds can't resist this sun-loving flower that produces spectacular blooms for months.

Fuchsia - Top Water-Wise Plants - Sunset - Hummingbirds can't resist this sun-loving flower that produces spectacular blooms for months.

Gardening for Hummingbirds - California Native Plant Society

Gardening for Hummingbirds - California Native Plant Society The red tubular flowers of California fuchsia (Epilobium canum) are a hummingbird favorite. The plant loves full sun, and thrives on neglect. Cut to the ground during winter dormancy.

Fuchsia Blue Angel

Fuchsia 'Blue Angel': are ovely new fuchsias for baskets and any containers tall enough to allow it to trail under the weight of the spectacular large double blooms. The purple and white colors are strikingly clear and contrast beautifully.


Agave Agave plants' sculptural shapes make these succulents perfect candidates for bold, contemporary gardens.

HGTV HOME Plants - White Glow™

White Glow™ lantana is a water wise plant that stays beautiful and blooms from the extreme heat of summer until frost.

Everything you need to give the hose a rest, from unthirsty plant picks to inspiring gardens

Water-Wise Garden Design Guide - Sunset Magazine

Top 50 water-wise plants African daisy African daisy (Arctotis), with blooms that can range from brilliant orange to cool purply-white, needs moderate water.

Echinocereus Hedgehog cactus- These desert-friendly plants thrive with hardly any water even in California’s hottest climates. The plants produce purple-red flowers and inch-long, edible fruits. Clumps spread up to three feet wide, so plant in sizeable containers.

14 Low-Water Container Plants

From agave to lavender, water-wise growers have plenty of plants to choose from when it comes to container gardening.

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Fuchsia Collection - 9 plants buy online order now

Bottlebrush - Top Water-Wise Plants - Sunset

Top 50 Water-Wise Plants

Top 50 water-wise plants Bottlebrush Hummingbirds love bottlebrush, a shrub with colorful flowers carried in dense, bristle-like spikes. Needs moderate water.

Smoke tree

Smoke tree - This deciduous shrub with purple foliage turns more burnished in fall; flowers resemble puffs of smoke.

How to grow red columbine

Eastern Red Columbine - Wild Perennial that is Easy to Grow

Eastern Red Columbine Seeds, Aquilegia canadensis - Wildflower Seeds from American Meadows

Rockrose | These plants grow effortlessly in low-water conditions and bloom in an array of colors

Top 50 Water-Wise Plants - Sunset Magazine

Rockrose Rockrose adds resinous perfume to the garden as well as showy, papery flowers. Sun loving and fast growing, the flower is tolerant of aridity.

Learn how to grow and care for an interesting addition to your garden or home, the fuchsia plant. Enjoy the beauty this romantic, perennial plant offers by following these growing tips.

Fuchsia Plant Care Guide

Fuchsia -a genus of flowering plants that consists mostly of shrubs or small trees. The first, Fuchsia triphylla, was discovered on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola (present day Dominican Republic and Haiti).