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Respect yourself enough to let go of someone who doesn't see your worth. Tagged with: Advice , Love , Relationship , Respect , Self


I learned the hard way that I cannot always count on others to respect my feelings, even if I respect theirs. Being a good person doesn't guarantee that others will be good people. You only have control over yourself and how you choose to be as a person.

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Maybe I need to be that kind of friend, one who puts it down and gives undivided attention.

"I love hanging out with people that make me forget to look at my phone." Especially, when they don't keep going on their phone when I'm with them.

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I believe in narriage, ....

I believe in marriage, true commitment, true togetherness, true love & a true family. They all go hand and hand with marriage ❤️💍

Excellence is not being the best, it is doing your best...

Our reaction to a situation literally has the power to change the situation itself. This is such a crazy thought, and so true.


You can`t change how people treat you or what they say about you. All you can do is change how you react to it. Just don't care anymore


Desperation shows you have no dignity nor self one will be sympathetic nor empathetic because by your desperate actions you strike out hurting anyone in your path.

Here's your sign!

Motivation Monday: Your motivational quote for today is: If you've been waiting for a sign. The time is now. Here is your virtual PUSH!

I tell people that all the time. Heart to heart. thats real

waiting for someone else to make you happy is the best way to be sad. Determine your OWN happiness.

And then there will be those who are balanced in the middle and I believe just about everyone I know is one of those people.

There are some people who could hear you speak a thousand words and still not understand you. And there are other who will understand without you even speaking a word. The best collection of quotes and sayings for every situation in life.