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Better hair than mine!!


HeatherWillow (She-Cat) Position-Warrior of SunClan. Mate-None.   Kits-None. (Minta)

Calico Norwegian Forest Cat - looks like my little Callie girl. Did you know calico cats are all female? From Coco: It looks my calico, Callie, too!

"Mom, did you skip your meds today by any chance?"

This is a super adorable kitten with its head tilting on the left. Would love to own this black and white kitty.

Norwegian forest cats  WITH A TAIL LIKE THIS.... SHOW YOUR STUFF!!!  GORGEOUS!

Norwegian forest cat with a very thick tail. Back paws look like boots with the thick leg fur

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Nordic Sphinx ~ Norwegian Forest Cat posing like a war god statue ~ photo by Johnny Krüger