Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell

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Norman Rockwell- passing by the swimming hole

Girl with basket covers eyes as she walks by "no swimming" sign "No Peeking" Norman Rockwell June 1929 Saturday Evening Post

Norman Rockwell

“Gilding the Eagle” or “Man Painting Flagpole” by Norman Rockwell, 1928 ー【This Rockwell illustration was The Saturday Evening Post cover, published May

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thelongvictorian: “ Age of Romance by Norman Rockwell – For almost five decades, Rockwell created 321 covers for the Saturday Evening Post (USA).

NR: A Family Tree, 1959. Impressive creativity. I think he would have had a few pinterest boards.

Have always loved this painting by Norman Rockwell- Family Tree-- I love how a pirate is at the roots.also a link here to how to make different types of family trees.

Army Wife Strong! Love Norman Rockwell!

Norman Rockwell Poster, Home Front, Women War Workers, Patriotic American Flag, Post Magazine Cover

Norman Rockwell - Miss Liberty - 1943 - One of Norman Rockwell's greatest symbols of the women in America taking on roles that were once blocked to them prior to WWII. One of his more historical illustrations.