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There are not many roads in Kamchatka, but plenty of bear trails. A series of depressions created by multiple bears placing their feet in the same footsteps year after year, some bear trails are us…

Escape !

What would make this large male bear pretend to be an avid rock climber to climb up as these slippery rocks? This takes place in the middl.

Pretty sure this is a Sun Bear, looking up at the sky.

Just Some Bears Thinking About Life

Approximately black bears live in the park. This equals a population density of approximately two bears per square mile. Bears can be found throughout the park, but are easiest to spot in open areas such as Cades Cove and Cataloochee Valley.

b - afc

The Majestic Bull Elk which when bugling, has the same effect as a wolf howling, it is that primal.

500px / Sweet morning dreams. by Igor Shpilenok

Nice Photos From Nice People All Over the World. This one in by Igor Shpilenok from Russia.

Прима и её лончаки

Feb The bears may prefer climbing manmade stairs.

Четвероногие соседи Игоря Шпиленка

Четвероногие соседи Игоря Шпиленка