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La cuarta dimensión o la posibilidad de escapar de los límites de nuestra percepción.

The synagogue of Satan's serpent worship is a revival of the Jews' worship of the brazen serpent Moses put upon a pole to save the Israelites from flying fiery serpents in ancient times

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DN is so important and I truly believe that with time and effort studying it as much as we can we can unlock the cure to many of the problems that plague our human world.

An ancient religious symbol used by the Nazi Party, a fertility ankh, and 6-pointed star make up the Theosophical Society logo. Description from transcendental-meditation21.blogspot.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images


You'll find that many of today's religious symbols can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian influence (like these symbols)

“In the mysterious Sephirothic Tree of the Jews, these two pillars symbolize Mercy and Severity. Standing before the gate of King Solomon’s Temple, these columns had the same symbolic import as the obelisks before the sanctuaries of Egypt. When interpreted Qabbalistically, the names of the two pillars mean “In strength shall My House be established. “In the splendor of mental and spiritual illumination, the High Priest stood between the pillars as a mute witness to the perfect virtue of…

“In the mysterious Sephirothic Tree of the Jews, these two pillars symbolize…

This eighteenth–century edition of a text by Hermes Trimegistus was intended for Rosicrucian audiences. This symbol combines the alchemical double ouroboros with the Masonic square and compass within the Seal of Solomon, and with the Rosicrucian rose in the center.

University of Delaware Library: Perfecting Nature: Medicine, Metallurgy and Mysticism > Rosicrucians

The Seal of Solomon as Pattern of Christ's Life

The Seal of Solomon (or Hexagram) is one of my favorite symbols as it sums up just about everything we need to know about ourselves and t.

Star people, origins

The Secret Science Ancients Knew, Time Erased, Now Returned – But Greater, “Truly the light is sweet & a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun,” Ecclesiastes

Norton's Mercurius Redivivus (the black toade at hthe begin of the great work)

Alchemical Mandala, from The Hermetic Journal Number Spring 1983