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If I had a choice, I would've put another saying, " can die, motherfucka" with a picture of Prussia. I just ruined your life, didn't I? <<< That is uncalled for T_T

Can we take about the fact that Italy was actually super strong and Turkey tells all of this like it is super normal. What happened to you Italy? Also why does Turkey smiling when he tells this!=

Aw poor Germany, if I knew any better I'd say he was about to have a stroke

APH-Spain the Explorer pg. 5 by koookeees.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Edit: Changed the first panel. The background was really bugging me -.- I'm sorry it took so long to finish this. I have too many distractions to deal w. APH-Spain the Explorer pg.

Hetalia / Doctor Who ~~ England, you fanboy.

Hetalia / Doctor Who ~~ England, you fanboy.<---Yet another thing Papa Iggy and I have in common *is huge doctor who fan*

Hetalia-Romano chibi and Spain!

I would love to imagine that whenever Romano goes to war, he would still dive bomb people XD. Just like: WAKE UP YOU FUCKING BASTARD! And hit the person straight on the head<<yes

*cries* I cannot see why people cannot see so much pain Russia a.k.a. van had to go through... It makes me sympathize with him a little (too bad I know e can be a little bit creepy at the same time as well but when I think about it I can see why he had became like that)

*This is making me so sad.* aw this is so touching and beautifully written all at the same time :')<<<*creates portal to hetalia**runs to hug Russia**Hugs Russia*

Meanwhile in Hetalia:

Meanwhile in Hetalia by BlackAndWhiteTiger on deviantART