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Lake Tahoe with Sierra Nevadas on the horizon, under a starry Gemini sky. Framed with Quartz, lupine and California poppy! Thanks Lily!

NATURALISTIC TATTOOS RESEMBLE VINTAGE ETCHINGS  Artist Pony Reinhardt transports us to the woods with her naturalistic tattoos. The monochromatic line drawings feature animals, flowers, and even fungi, stitched together in sprawling scenes that highlight the Earth’s beauty.

Forest floor wraparound with lots of mushrooms in this view: chanterelle oyster mushrooms motels amanita earthworms snail stag beetle rhinoceros beetle and newt with decomposing log and pine cone. by freeorgy

ponyreinhardt: Story of Adam and Eve told through elk...

ponyreinhardt: “Story of Adam and Eve told through elk transformation, with the mating snakes of Tiresias and their prodding stick. By Pony Reinhardt at Tenderfoot Studio in Portland, OR.

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Brian Woo's father wanted him to be a doctor but he decided to become a tattoo artist instead. He started drawing tattoos at the age of 13 .


fuckyeahtattoos: “Original art done by Erin Ruiz at Black Cat Studio in Boise, Idaho ”