Des Ailes aux Pieds | MilK decoration

Des Ailes aux Pieds

Valextra Flagship by Bernard Dubois - Milan

Desselle & Partners is the premier agency in Europe representing architects, interior designers and designers for retail, hospitality and commercial projects worldwide.

Thimble and 1/5 Thimble

Dowel Jones, the production label co-founded by Melbourne-based designer Dale Hardiman and his partner Adam Lynch, re-released the duo’s thimble stool design for the new year with a striking collaboration with artist Tom Hancock.

Gallery of Be Kids for One Moment / RIGIdesign - 8

Gallery of Be Kids for One Moment / RIGIdesign - 8

Image 8 of 32 from gallery of Be Kids for One Moment / RIGIdesign. Photograph by Yue Ping

Crédit Photo Laure Mélone

Look at the colorful walls of the shoe store in Aix en Provence signed Margaux Keller.