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Imágenes Creepypastas 2 - Cuidando nekos(?

Awwwwhhhhh chibi creepypastas and Slenderman<< poor slendy he must need a red bull

(Switch and Oni)Hello there dear... I'm Kyle. Don't worry i won't kill you... yet. I can be a canible... but only when i murder. People call me "Death's Smile".

(Switch and Oni)Hello there dear. I'm Kyle. Don't worry i won't kill you. I can be a canible. People call me "Death's Smile".

Horror Animation 2 by Saccstry on deviantART .... This kind of reminds me of Calne Ca.

Very creepy.very disturbing. Do not watch before sleeping if you are someone like me who cannot watch scary movies alone.