Dancer Jillian Barrell stars in Ballet Arizona’s “Cinderella.” Barrell “has the right ingredients” to be Cinderella says artistic director Ib Andersen. This is her first starring role in a.

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Some say the ballet world has perpetuated an unrealistic ideal. As a result, many adults are reluctant to try ballet because they are self-conscious about their body.

"Ninguém pode chegar ao topo armado apenas de talento. Deus dá o talento; o trabalho transforma o talento em gênio".      Anna Pavlova

Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova as The Dying Swan Anna Pavlova in the Fokine/Saint-Saëns The Dying Swan, Saint Petersburg, 1905

Anna Pavlova as ‘Giselle’ - 1924 - London - @~ Mlle

Anna Pavlova as 'Giselle' - 1924 - London - Mlle: Anna Pavlova as 'Giselle' - 1924 - London - Mlle