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Bee tattoo

cute bumblebee with the semicolon posture; i like the rounded point, since bumblebee is one of the heroes & stingers only come out if you're being a butt-face invader

by  WoodPigeon

Right wrist tattoo placement ¦ Watercolor Painting, Original Painting, Bumble Bee, Possible memorial tattoo for my grandma

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Floral tattoo by Alice Carrier. I want something like this for my right upper thigh/hip, maybe a little higher up and more wrapped around than the one in the picture


Love the idea of watercolor tattoos. I'm not sure how long it would last, or if it would age well.<< I don't think any tattoo will age well.

Bottom of foot tat.Watercolor birds tattoo--- I really like this one. I like the feathers with birds coming out of them but everyone has them.

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This cute buzzing bee tattoo design is for couples. You can both can have a pair of such complimentary tattoos to show your love to each other. Are you thinking of getting some tattoo that… Continue Reading →