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You're crazy if you think ya can beat me with them stubby lil legs! Lil Mac and his Pa (Johnny Appleseed) having a friendly(or not so friendly) race back home from the orchard fields I simplified J.


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hi guys my black long just got scammed plz send me donations i always gift back :) and u get an auto from mee :D

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I like to call Twilight alot of other things than her actual name. One of them is Twilight Sprinkle xD (what a bad reason to draw it) Edit: EQD learn ho.

Elements of Harmony Circle -vector- by Akili-Amethyst.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Updated and Vectorized version of: I added a moon for Luna's cutie mark and rearranged the sections. Now the sections are rotationally symmetrical accor. Elements of Harmony Circle -vector-

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