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Elle Wills is a Brisbane based artist (and tattoo apprentice) specializing in realism portraits and creations. Her most frequently used mediums are pencil, watercolour and acrylic.

hair drawing

Drawing hair is one of the important step in pencil portraits. Pencil drawings of hair looks attractive when it is crafted in a perfect way.

ღThe Woman İllusrationsღ OFFİCİAL PAGE: http://www.pinterest.com/tangulcakmak/%E1%83%A6the-woman-illusrations%E1%83%A6/

Illustrator: Elle Wills From: Australia Year of Illustration: 2014 - Pencils used Likes: style- the lead in contrast with the coloured head piece.

Check out these really cool "Dirty Car Art" pictures. Hmmmmm....to wash my car, or NOT to wash my car...that is the question! lol

this dude is amazing. Only thing anyone has ever drawn on my dirty car windows was kilroy saying wash me.

Picture Gallery - Courtney Kenny Art

Guardian Poster by Courtney Kenny Porto

My friend drew a realistic lion and gave it to our history teacher. My god, was I in love with that drawing. Lions are my favorite animal.

Watercolor painting with babies and children

Artist unknown : title unknown (detail) [portrait of a baby], watercolour painting. with babies and children, it really is what you don't paint that makes the difference.

value scale

Here are value, hue, tint, and shade visually defined in this wonderfully succinct scaled explanation!

Teaching the students the basics of how to draw, shade, illustrate, etc. the features of the human face. Once they learn these basics, they can use this information as they draw their own faces.

how to draw lips - Jensen Ackles Lips - Supernatural - Dean Winchester - Why was it so easy for me to recognize Jensens lips? I think I have a problem.