Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/249336993/da-vinci-ornithopter-wings-steampunk

Da Vinci Ornithopter Wings Steampunk Costume Piece

Steampunk Cryptozoologists Tool Bracer by *Nashoba-Hostina on deviantART  gnomish inspiration

I could use one of these for sewing, with a magnetic slot for pins. [Steampunk Cryptozoologists Tool Bracer by *Nashoba-Hostina on deviantART, gnomish inspiration]

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How to Make Steam punk Armor/Guns plastic squirt gun (or item) Spray with black plastic paint once dry, paint with metallic acrylic paints (I used copper, gold, silver) Tips: You can sand off(Diy Clothes Punk)

DIY Dystopian Cowl Neck Shawl by Kiisu23.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

A quick (and very thrown together) tutorial on how to make a DIY dystopian style cowl neck shawl.

Hi I'm twist I'm a pixie my mother was a dark fairy and my dad was an angel and then boom here I am. I'm 10 and very sassy. I like steampunk, gears, drawing, flying, and pulling pranks. I have a older sister she's a witch and pixie. Introduce

steampunksteampunk: Fantasiafest Meppel 2014

Fantasiafest Meppel 2014 - Steampunk Fairy, photo by Pixel 42 This is a costume I really wish I could make for the kids.

Front: Fully hand carved leather corset armor by Absolute Devotion https://www.facebook.com/pages/Absolute-Devotion/10099221406

ruric: “ arianaofnyx: “ bookkeeperamanda: “ angelicartisan: “ absolutedevotion-artist: “ My latest Creation fully hand carved leather by Rebecca Hedges of Absolute Devotion. :) 6 months of hard work.

Lovely photo of a #SteamPunk #Dragon #Sculpture

I have painted this new Steampunk style dragon especially for an event. For me Steampunk is all about inventions and I enjoyed creating the dragon design and the concept of it being mechanical and hanging from a pocket watch.

Rustbucket - Two by *monsterkookies "I decided to name him Rustbucket because of the rich brass and copper I used to pick out some of his details. He looks kinda rusty.   Although this creature looks to be made from metal, he is not - he is completely handsculpted from polymer clay with the addition of a few metal findings and twisted wire legs. This piece has been glazed with a satin finish for a slight sheen and durability."

Mechanical Birdie by Kimberly Hart of MonsterKookies - I was sure I had you on this Board already!

The clockwork dragon. About a boy who makes clockwork animals and a girl who gives them spirits and personality.

alchemist bracer - I might be tempted to fill a bottle or two with useful things, like booze.

Medical Tape, NonSterile, White, 2 Inch X 10 Yards - 6 Per Box