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Disney's mean girls~Hilarious.  P.S.  I made a mean girl's meme when those Jesse Eisenberg memes were going around and I was told that showed I was old... well, here they ALL ARE!!!  So, thuuuuuppppp!!!

Our Favorite Mean Girls Memes

Disney Mind Blown. Lion King and Hercules

top half, scene from lion king zazu says [Scar]d make a handsome throw rug. bottom half, animated gif, scene from hercules, hercules is throwing his lion pelt to the ground - it is the pelt of Scar.>>>I love how sneaky Disney is!

When disney channel finally figures put that literally everybody wants to see the old stuff come back, my life will be complete.

Disney Channel From Great to Bad, so true. My childhood slowly went down the drain. At least we know where it really ended. Obviously Suite Life on Deck was a BAD IDEA.

Disney Should Be Proud

Disney Should Be Proud

i would like to take a moment to thank nani pelekai for being one of the first disney women to ever look like an actual human being

Disney + beards = amazing

Movember Special: Your Favorite Disney Characters With Beards.the last two made me laugh really hard, especially Kida

The Mustacherella had me cracking up :)

Childhood Lv: Manly

Disney princesses with beards Sleeping Beardy and mustacherella are my faves.

23 Fabulous Disney Villain Snapchats

23 Fabulous Disney Villain Snapchats

Haha true

Teenager's shouldn't try to use Disney as an excuse because (obviously) it backfires and than your stuck with the truth of you being a whore and or douche :)