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This Porsche cut in front of me. When the light turned green the truck in front of him had something to say about it.and that's how karma works.


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15 "Tech Gore" Photos That Might Give Nerds a Panic Attack

15 "Tech Gore" Photos That Might Give Nerds a Panic Attack

15 "Tech Gore" Photos That Might Give Nerds a Panic Attack - Funny Memes

It finally happened...

I live in a town where I have been waiting for this to happen for almost 24 years.Today, it finally happened!

The blind, leading the blind...

Upon arriving to help get my keys out of my car the AAA guy locked his keys in his car and had to call AAA funny pictures

Hahahaha!!!!!!@@@@@@@   Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 73 Pics

Funny pictures about Scared Prius. Oh, and cool pics about Scared Prius. Also, Scared Prius.

that's not how it works

At Least You Tried

As much as I will argue that the vast majority of Americans are smarter than this, and that I love our country, this still makes me smile with those patriotic vibes.

We show you the greatest snow memes in this funny Smosh gallery!

The corvette thought his car was so special that he would take up two stalls. The other driver wanted to prove a point that jerks cannot take two stalls because they have an inferiority complex.

Jeep Owner Gets Last Laugh on Corvette Driver’s Greedy Parking Job - ABC News- Bravo Jeepster!

So true!

This powerful sign was found on the rear of a Dodge journey SUV. When scientists say the universe is made up of protons, and electrons. they forgot to mention MORONS.