Blackbeard - (Edward Teach)

Blackbeard is the most popular (or most notorious) pirate in history. Several historians believe that his real name was Edward Teach and he was a pirate that terrorized areas around West Indies and on the American colonies eastern coast.

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This design is just crazy! Pirate design would love to get it looks amazing

Black beard

Edward Teach (Blackbeard) – fantasy character concept by Yuriy Mazurkin

" Lost Pirate "

f Rogue Thief Pirate Leather 2 pistols ship coastal desert jungle " Lost Pirate "

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*BLACK BEARD: North Carolina Highway Historical Marker for Edward Teach alias Blackbeard the Pirate

Drawing of battle on the Savage seas

hms-surprise: ““We are all in the same boat, in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty. Chesterton ” Never forget, no matter how powerful th’ ship or quick th’ wit, th’ ocean always wins.