Blackbeard - (Edward Teach)

Blackbeard is the most popular (or most notorious) pirate in history. Several historians believe that his real name was Edward Teach and he was a pirate that terrorized areas around West Indies and on the American colonies eastern coast.

Protagonista, Pirata

I chose this as an image that gives a perfect image for prospero. I like the beard, hat, and even eyepatch that gives him a creepy yet powerful look.

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Black Beard.

Not yer attitude can sell a scab on how much a dreadful pirate ye may be! Ye have t’ have a look worth describin’ too!

I like the design of this pirate figure and I understand its' supposed to epitomize the stereotype but still it's a bit too far.  I don't think this is actually Captain Hook so the hook hand is a bit strange.  I would also like to see a bit more detail or creativity put into the background.  I feel like the clouds, and especially with that number of them, are just filler.  They mostly are lacking in form and are just a pattern in the sky here.

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Edward Teach

Learn the Facts About Blackbeard!: Blackbeard and the Queen Anne's Revenge

The siren....

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