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Echinopsis huascha (F. Weber) H.Friedrich & G.Rowley 1974 = Lobivia huascha (F. Weber) W. Lobivia grandiflora Britton & Rose 1922 (forma P 188 , Sierra de Ambato, Catamarca, Argentina, 1800 m / 5905 ft)

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I've never seen a cactus bloom like this, and I live in the desert. I've seen them bloom, but never like this!

Stapelia hirsuta 2

Stapelia hirsuta, common name starfish flower or carrion plant, is a species of flowering plant belonging to the family Apocynaceae.

Wow what a flower. Can be used as a great print or design! #flower #print #design

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Cactus Cake - Buttercream cake from Colette Peters book

Amazing cactus cake - Spines made of royal icing piped into lines and allowed to dry, then broken and stuck in cake. This cake used a round cake pan.