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There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy. Sometimes you just need a break in a beautiful place alone to figure everything out.

Deep in the Forest

Deer in Blue Light Forest

Sika Deer, Cervus nippon by miskr

Sika Deer, Cervus nippon by miskr

Deer in Cornfield

Deer by Christoph Mischke via V obilí.

Chital Deer

The chital or cheetal (Axis axis), also known as chital deer, spotted deer or axis deer is a deer which commonly inhabits wooded regions of Sri Lanka, N.


My daughter loves deer hunting she told me this was her favorite pic


mothercare photo by irawan subingar

anca gray

snow beauty winter cold Black and White beautiful white vintage trees black mirror dark nature travel forest retro escape free darkness wild fade deer fog Dawn haze tall antlers dusk hazy

Photos of wildlife enjoying the summer.

Elk Cooling Off in the Water Photo by Rick Poley