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Which means that Wolf is a fairy princess.

So, Wolf's a fairy princess then?

Yes! Exactly, he'd be like, "Oh trust me, I have no reason for wanting to shoot you in the first place. Because it's not like I've been your servant for the last 2 years and if I wasn't the one shooting, you'd be using me to take the bullets. That's totally not at all something you'd do and I'm so so so so sorry about shooting you. Please forgive me ;)"

The Lunar Chronicles: Cress (Marissa Meyer)

TLC - Research Wing by Sorcaron.deviantart.com on @deviantART I love Fateen's expression in the last picture!

The Lunar Chronicles Dr.

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Kai and Cinder The Lunar Chronicles funny

Kai and Cinder The Lunar Chronicles funny<< honestly this is why I love them so much

Lunar chronicles. Such a good series. Not a huge fan of this art but always a huge fangirl of Prince Kai

I hope that this makes you smile because I felt like smiling the entire time I was drawing it. (Cinder is a blacksmith (apprentice? Kai is the prince of the Eastern Empire.