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Don't just wish on your star, cuz it can only take you half way.

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One Direction

This is some deep shit. Like o my god. But Niall's tho Liam honey you ignore me :'( <<< I love all of their quotes. they're amazing and i love them with all my heart.

oh my gosh.... I am crying [on the inside]. THIS is why I love one directon. Their music is great, they're all cute... but this...this is it. guys, please don't ever change <3

That is one of the sweetest things I have ever read Zayn Malik - One Direction quotes! ♥ hotty sexy and this is why I love him so much! He speaks the truth of all the things that I can't ever say it how I feel.

aww nialler. Such a sweet lad.

I read this quotes almost cried at how beautiful it sounds and then I started to laugh at the picture. Aww Niall whether we admit it or not you know we all love you.

More Than This-One Direction Love this song Nialls solo❤❤❤❤❤

My love that i want to kill - My love that i want to kill

Guys I'm tearing up.....this is so beautiful and so true <3<< there, there. don't cry. <<< someone hold me ...

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These boys taught me so it's all so true! We are a family and family sticks together that's why we defend the boys. they are family.I love Zayn's