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Chema Madoz biography - It takes a clever mind and great skills to deceive people's eye. Chema Madoz uses photography to create optical illusions.

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You can make brass knuckles out of bullets.you just have to melt the bullets down.

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By Chema Madoz

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Multiple matches burned placed one after the other create a sense of regular rhthym.

"I'M SO SORRY..OH MY GOD..WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!" Winx screams at herself as tears well up in her amber orbs.

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Chema Madoz creates a surreal collection of dramatic and refined black and white photographs of the simplest and unsuspecting combination of items.

:: Chema MADOZ ::

Spanish photographer Chema Madoz creates twisted, mind-bending images using everyday, ordinary objects. Placing the objects into surreal scenes, he fools o

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Unusual photography by Chema Madoz